What (information we store)

If you submit an enquiry on our website, we will store your name, company name (if provided), email address and telephone number. To be clear, we do not request or store any financial information.

We use cookies on our site, but our cookies store no information which could personally identify you. They only store (a) the preferred language and country when browsing the site for convenience; (b) a list of the buildings you may have selected so we can re-load them between visits; (c) an anonymous 60 minute session token to allow you to login and see your shortlisted buildings; and, ironically (d) your agreement to the use of cookies. Initially, we use your IP address to default the country location of your search, but this default can be changed at any time using the functions on our site and this location 'preference' is then stored in the cookie. We do not store your IP address. Apart from the session token cookie which expires after 60 minutes, our cookies expire after 7 days of your last visit to our website, but you can also delete cookies from your browser at any time.

We use Google Analytics to track usage of our site to help us improve your experience, which itself uses some cookies to perform this service. We have specifically configured Google Analytics to anonymise IP addresses so there is no identifying information stored. Thus, all information about usage of our site is anonymous and we neither store nor send any personal information to Google. Furthermore, after a period of time, any tracking information related to our site is permanently deleted using Google's default data retention policies.

If you choose to do so, your browser may prompt you to store 'autofill' information to speed up the completion of form data. This is not something we control or can access, it is something stored within your browser and can be deleted by you at any time.

We use the Google Maps API(s) in our service and as such this privacy policy incorporates by reference the Google Privacy Policy.

Where (we store your information)

We store your information in a secure database. It is protected by firewalls and includes password protection and other permission policies to prevent any unauthorised access. Our systems are regularly audited to meet the most stringent security requirements.

Why (we store your information)

We will store this information so we and building operators can communicate with you to assist with your search for office space. Communication will only happen with you in the ways you have requested and for which you have provided contact information - via email or telephone.

We will pass on your details to the operators of the buildings you have explicitly selected so that they can contact you to discuss and arrange viewings to facilitate you successfully finding office space that meets your requirements. We will not share your information with anyone else.

We will request the building operators that we share your data with to not add you to their ongoing marketing databases and to only use your details to facilitate your current search for office space. These operators may store your details in line with the data protection policies in their jurisdictions. You can request removal of your data from any operator as per their privacy policy by contacting the building operator directly.

We will contact you by email to summarise your office search and also contact you ongoing to assist with progressing the search, including confirming that you have taken office space. We may also contact you in future when you may be looking to renew or move on from your office to see if we can assist you further. You can unsubscribe from any marketing emails at any time.

Some emails we have to send to operate our service including an initial email summarising your office selections and confirming if you have taken office space at any of the buildings. Without spamming you, we may also send you marketing emails from time to time to enquire about how your office search is going, and if you might be interested in using our service in the future. All marketing emails will contain a link which you can use to unsubscribe. If you unsubscribe, we will no longer send you any marketing emails unless you make a new enquiry on our website.

Thus, at the point of enquiring on our site, before we store or share any information, we will ask for your explicit consent for us to store and use your information in accordance with this privacy policy.

When (we will store your information)

We will store personally identifiable information for a period of 3 years from your last interaction on our website (e.g. from when you enquired or logged in or confirmed an aspect of your office search on our website). This is to operate our office finding service including communicating with the operator and based on renewal cycles of office space. We will actively and automatically delete any information that can identify you personally (including emails, names and telephone contact details) after this time has expired. If you request for your data to be removed, we will action this immediately and aim to have all personally identifiable information gone from within our systems in 72 hours (but hopefully much sooner than this).

Obviously removing your email address means we will also lose any notification you made to unsubscribe for that email address. Of course, we will not contact you in any way when we do not hold your contact details. However, if you re-enquire on our site using the same email address and do not wish to receive emails from us, you will need to unsubscribe again.

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